Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Return of the Special One

Since I haven't updated this blog in about a year or so, and now I'm back here writing whatever comes to my mind because it's fucking 3 am in the morning and I can't bloody sleep, well I guess you can say I'm back or trying to at least.
So the title is about me right? Reviving this blog? 
Naaah I'm not as vain as to call myself the special one, or even that special actually.
No what I'm referring to is the return of Jose Mourinho to Chelsea after leaving about 6 years ago. 
He's finally back to where he belongs, and me and I'm sure all Chelsea fans are anxious to see how the team is gonna shape up next season. 
I really hope he's that extra factor that's needed to liven things up again! 
So fingers crossed and I can't wait till the start of the season :D 


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Euro 2012: Group B

Group B this year is the motherload of groups :P
We have Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal and finally Denmark.
It kinda seems unfair though putting Denmark up against these 3 (not that I'm saying the Danish aren't good enough, but when you first see the group, you can't help but have the feeling that they're screwed).
Anyways group B's first games are today so i'm really excited about that, can't wait to see what happens.
On a side note I'm more excited about the Netherlands/Denmark game than I am about the Germany/Portugal game :P I really wanna see what the Danish get up to.
So in that spirit I found this great video by the Danish band Nephew and it includes the Danish NT.
Here's to the underdogs of this group, may the prevail :P

Enjoy the games people 
and cheers :D

UPDATE: The Danish team won 1-0 against Holland :D So yaay, hopefully they'll keep up the good work 

Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 Euro: Kickoff

just wow
What an amazing opening game for the 2012 Eurocup
From the opening ceremony to the game itself, everything was beyond spectacular.
The ceremony included dancers, miniature versions of the stadium, a pianist who showed his skills with the ball and a dj. And if that wasn't brilliant enough, the flags of the participating countries were assembled in the stands by the means of the attendees holding a piece of colored banner, it was kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. I mean the organization and work put into it must have been tremendous, so kudos to everyone who was a part of it :)

Now on to the game. It was hectic and very eventful. The 1st half witnessed the polish squad score and the greeks getting a red card and being reduced to 10 men, I personally thought they are screwed. In the 7th minute of the second half however the Greeks proved me wrong by equalizing.In a surprising turn of events Szczesny (poland's goalkeeper) got a red card and the greeks were awarded a penalty. This time I thought the Polish were screwed for sure (I can be somewhat pessimistic sometimes, specially during football games :P). I mean they're main goalie was out and they had to defend a penalty. But lo and behold substitute goalie Tyton saves Karagounas' penalty. 
And to add more to the action the greeks score another goal which gets ruled out as offside. 
All in all it was a very exciting game. Even people who don't give a rat's ass about football got caught up in the game. 
It's safe to say I'm really excited to see what the rest of the tournament has in store for us :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What if they weren't footballers? Part 2

Hey y'all so this is the continuation of the what if they weren't footballers post (obviously) that I did a few months ago, and it's a bit overdue so here goes

Mario Balotelli:
An evil psycho who tries to take over the world but instead ends up over an island full of bunnies (those poor bunnies )

Steven Gerrard:
A DJ who only plays Phill Collins songs

Lionel Messi:

A guy with a napoleon complex who thinks he's a superhero and tries to save the poor bunnies from Balotelli

David Luiz:
NO, he would not be sideshow Bob, and we would not try to kill Bart Simpson!
He would be a clown
yes a clown!
All the kids would love him

Bastian Schweinsteiger:

He used to be a model when he was a kid but as his physical appearance changed that career went down the drain so he settled for being a worker at the Hippodrom tent during the oktoberfest

Mesut Ozil:
A frog who didn't turn into a prince

Philip Lahm:
The little groom on top of a wedding cake :)

Well this is it for now, I know there are more footballers than the ones i mentioned so if i think of other people i'll just update this post

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some funny shit

Lately I've been having writer's block or blogger's block or whatever you wanna call it, and basically I haven't been giving this blog a lot of attention
I still have no idea what to write about so i thought I'd just post some funny shit (or what I thought is funny, you -whoever you are- might not find it funny, although i'm sure if you're looking at this post while intoxicated you'll find it funny, cause drunk people find almost everything funny, anyways I'm digressing so back to the point)

Crouch: But Ronnie I don't want to touch you
Ronaldo: You have to! Come on remember like that time after that party, that felt good didnt it?
Crouch: I was drunk then -_-
Ronaldo: Either you do it or I'm telling Abby about that night
Crouch: Fucking bastard
Ronaldo: What was that?
Crouch: I said let's just get it over with
Ronaldo: Don't worry it will be over before you know it ;)
Crouch: :(((

Alright enough with this sillyness, what crouch and ronaldo do in the privacy of the stadium is non of our business!
Anyways here are some funny videos that you can watch if you're bored




Well this is it for now, hopefully my next post will consist of something that I actually put some effort into, instead of finding random pictures and videos

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Didier Drogba: A Class Act

Let's play a game of "can you spot the Drogba?"
Did you guys spot him? No i'm not talking about spotting him in his portrait, which happens to be the first image, where's the fun in that?
I'm talking about spotting him pulling a funny face behind Bosingwa!
Gotta love Drogba!
Ok so maybe not everyone is fond of Didier, partly because he is known for diving (which of course is a trait that most footballers are cursed with), but I find that there's a certain quality that is endearing about him.
And I rarely find things that are endearing, so that's saying something!
Anyways whether you like Drogs or hate him, he is a world class footballer and dread the day that he anounces his retirement or worse decides to leave chelsea for another team, for that will be the day when you will find me crawled up in my closet crying my eyes out  accepting his decision with calm tenacity like a mature adult.
Anyways I hope that now that the season has started again that i'll be updating this blog which has gone to the dogs sort of like Arsenal has
I hope I'm better at managing this blog than Arsene is at managing his team
so thats its for now

Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 reasons why I love David Luiz

5- He's born in april, so am I! Coincidence? I don't think so *does evil laugh* (not so sure what's evil about that but what the heck)
4-His full name is David Luiz Moreira Marinho. As you've noticed (or not depending on your mental capacity) I put emphasis on the Marinho part. Marinho is close to Mourinho ie: the special one, so this is a sign that Luiz is destined for greatness!
3- His hair! His beautiful fluffly curly bouncy hair!

2-His first goal for chelsea was against manchester united and it helped us achieve victory in that game.
1-And finally the number one reason why i love him is because of his funny and endearing personality

Well that's all folks, until next time.