Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why people should go to Shakira's concert in Lebanon

Ok so Shakira has a concert in Lebanon on May the 26th, and when I heard about this I was very excited, and I couldn't wait to tell me friends and go buy the tickets and go to the concert. But to my dismay, to say that my friends (except for like 2) were less than enthusiastic would be an understatement. They were completely indifferent. This baffled me. 
If you're thinking how the hell is this relevent to football , you'll find out in a bit.
So if you think I'm excited to go see Shakira because I love Shakira, you're wrong. Not that I don't like her, she's cool and her music is nice sometimes.
But the real reason that I got that excited is because miss Shakira is dating Gerrard Pique, and I have a theory that envolves her bringing Pique (I am assuming of course that all games envolved in my theory will be postponned for convenience).

But then I thought that Shakira won't have free time to spend with him since she'll be practicing, and poor Pique will feel lonley. As such I concluded that he would probably invite Fernando Torres to come along with him, to keep him company. (Don't ask me why he invited Torres)

Then I thought that Pique would feel guilty for only inviting Fernando Torres to come with him and watch his girlfriend perform, so he ends up inviting the whole spanish team, as well as his non-spanish Barcelona teammates.

And that is why I am excited for Shakira's concert because in my own private world it isn't far fetched at all that more than 2 dozen footballers are accompanying her and Pique to Lebanon, and I ain't gonna miss the chance to get to see them

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