Thursday, October 13, 2011

What if they weren't footballers? Part 2

Hey y'all so this is the continuation of the what if they weren't footballers post (obviously) that I did a few months ago, and it's a bit overdue so here goes

Mario Balotelli:
An evil psycho who tries to take over the world but instead ends up over an island full of bunnies (those poor bunnies )

Steven Gerrard:
A DJ who only plays Phill Collins songs

Lionel Messi:

A guy with a napoleon complex who thinks he's a superhero and tries to save the poor bunnies from Balotelli

David Luiz:
NO, he would not be sideshow Bob, and we would not try to kill Bart Simpson!
He would be a clown
yes a clown!
All the kids would love him

Bastian Schweinsteiger:

He used to be a model when he was a kid but as his physical appearance changed that career went down the drain so he settled for being a worker at the Hippodrom tent during the oktoberfest

Mesut Ozil:
A frog who didn't turn into a prince

Philip Lahm:
The little groom on top of a wedding cake :)

Well this is it for now, I know there are more footballers than the ones i mentioned so if i think of other people i'll just update this post

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some funny shit

Lately I've been having writer's block or blogger's block or whatever you wanna call it, and basically I haven't been giving this blog a lot of attention
I still have no idea what to write about so i thought I'd just post some funny shit (or what I thought is funny, you -whoever you are- might not find it funny, although i'm sure if you're looking at this post while intoxicated you'll find it funny, cause drunk people find almost everything funny, anyways I'm digressing so back to the point)

Crouch: But Ronnie I don't want to touch you
Ronaldo: You have to! Come on remember like that time after that party, that felt good didnt it?
Crouch: I was drunk then -_-
Ronaldo: Either you do it or I'm telling Abby about that night
Crouch: Fucking bastard
Ronaldo: What was that?
Crouch: I said let's just get it over with
Ronaldo: Don't worry it will be over before you know it ;)
Crouch: :(((

Alright enough with this sillyness, what crouch and ronaldo do in the privacy of the stadium is non of our business!
Anyways here are some funny videos that you can watch if you're bored




Well this is it for now, hopefully my next post will consist of something that I actually put some effort into, instead of finding random pictures and videos