Thursday, October 13, 2011

What if they weren't footballers? Part 2

Hey y'all so this is the continuation of the what if they weren't footballers post (obviously) that I did a few months ago, and it's a bit overdue so here goes

Mario Balotelli:
An evil psycho who tries to take over the world but instead ends up over an island full of bunnies (those poor bunnies )

Steven Gerrard:
A DJ who only plays Phill Collins songs

Lionel Messi:

A guy with a napoleon complex who thinks he's a superhero and tries to save the poor bunnies from Balotelli

David Luiz:
NO, he would not be sideshow Bob, and we would not try to kill Bart Simpson!
He would be a clown
yes a clown!
All the kids would love him

Bastian Schweinsteiger:

He used to be a model when he was a kid but as his physical appearance changed that career went down the drain so he settled for being a worker at the Hippodrom tent during the oktoberfest

Mesut Ozil:
A frog who didn't turn into a prince

Philip Lahm:
The little groom on top of a wedding cake :)

Well this is it for now, I know there are more footballers than the ones i mentioned so if i think of other people i'll just update this post

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  1. I think he should be sideshow bob :P Can't get over the similarity!!