Sunday, September 11, 2011

Didier Drogba: A Class Act

Let's play a game of "can you spot the Drogba?"
Did you guys spot him? No i'm not talking about spotting him in his portrait, which happens to be the first image, where's the fun in that?
I'm talking about spotting him pulling a funny face behind Bosingwa!
Gotta love Drogba!
Ok so maybe not everyone is fond of Didier, partly because he is known for diving (which of course is a trait that most footballers are cursed with), but I find that there's a certain quality that is endearing about him.
And I rarely find things that are endearing, so that's saying something!
Anyways whether you like Drogs or hate him, he is a world class footballer and dread the day that he anounces his retirement or worse decides to leave chelsea for another team, for that will be the day when you will find me crawled up in my closet crying my eyes out  accepting his decision with calm tenacity like a mature adult.
Anyways I hope that now that the season has started again that i'll be updating this blog which has gone to the dogs sort of like Arsenal has
I hope I'm better at managing this blog than Arsene is at managing his team
so thats its for now

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  1. chelsea suck i dont know why anyone would bother cheering for them :P