Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fernando Torres: A Love Hate Relationship

Hey I decided to share the story of my love hate relationship with Mr. Torres. You see I used to hate him with a passion, almost as much as I hated Ronaldo. I used to think that he was overrated and that everyone exaggerated about how amazing he was. But then I started liking him because seeing him with his family made me change my mind and all my friends thought that he's cute, which he is, those freckles just kill me. All in all he is very adorable and lovable. But every once in while he does things that make me go back to my pre Nando appreciation era. For example, his efforts (on the pitch) during the world cup match George W. Bush's effort to stop the war in Iraq. And then he's pretty much useless in all of his games in the new season of the premier league until he plays against chelsea that is. The guy decides to have an epiphany and gets inspired and ends uo scoring 2 goals which eventually lead to chelsea's loss ( of course i blame chelsea more than i blame Torres but still).
So now I don't like him, but I don't despise him either

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