Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid: El Classico

This was the match of the year. It was watched by millions of people. All statuses yesterday included something about it. Even idiots who know nothing about football icluded it in their posts and tweets.
Personally, i'm not a big fan of either Barcelona or Real Madrid for reasons that I shall not dwell upon at the moment. But I would be a fool not to admit how amazing the game was yesterday. I extremely enjoyed watching it! Sometimes it's easy to let the game turn into a set of strategic tactics instead of just letting it flow naturally, which just ruins the purpose of it. But yesterday's match reminded me and millions of viewers and fans of the beauty of the game. It reminded me of why I started watching football. It made me understand the reason why a lot of people simply choose not to side with one team, stating that they just want to enjoy the game and they don't care which team wins.
It's such a shame that Chelsea wasn't the team that reminded me of all of these things.
That was way too sappy and corny!
Of course the majority of the people are in the category of fans that actually care about the outcome of the game and about the team that won and about the one that lost.
So what was the outcome yesterday?
Well i'm sure that everyone knows by now but just in case someone was in outer space and missed it:
Barcelona killed it! They won 5-0
And they deserved the win, even Real Madrid fans (well the logical ones at least) admitted that Barcelona were brilliant and that they absolutely deserve it.
The game, however, was anything but clean. There was a lot of "violence" and tackling and shoving. Everywhere I looked I could see people falling left and right. It looked more like a battlefield than a football stadium. I'm surprised that Pique didn't spontaneously start bleeding and that nothing bad happened to him.
All in all, there were a total of 13 bookings, and Ronaldo and Ramos kept going around shoving people. Ronaldo even managed to shove Pep Guardiola, and Ramos eventually lost what little of his brains he had left and he got sent off. 
What made the game even better for me is the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo was on the verge of tears, and well you may call me a "cold hearted bitch" but seeing Ronaldo sad makes my heart burst with joy.
Even seeing Iker Casillas looking so depressed didn't make my happiness falter ( it usually makes a difference)
Nothing could've taken away the joy I felt yesterday
Well except for Bio 201 and a certain asshole

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