Thursday, November 25, 2010


For those of you who live under a rock and don't know this yet Chelsea lost twice consecutively (once in stamford bridge) against sunderland and birmingham city! My brain just can't process this fact! How could they possibly lose? They didn't just lose they were eradicated actually, I mean sunderland wiped the floor with them. I get that John Terry wasn't playing and Frank Lampard is still injured and Essien was out, but can the good performance of a whole team actually depend on 3 players (regardless of how amazing these players are)?
No! The answer is NO! What will they do when these players are no longer with Chelsea? I think the world might come to end at that point, so i'm not even going to go there
So for now I have this to say to the players and manager and all other staff at chelsea:
Stop screwing up! Please it's killing me and i'm sure millions of other fans as well. Stop playing like you don't give a shit about the outcome of the game, because you're making it torturous for us to watch the game and enjoy it. Play with your hearts, you can't go wrong when you do that.
Please stop losing, we're holding on the to lead in the table by a thread, we want to see you crowned champions again this year so put minds to it and step up your game
Sincerely your biggest fan

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