Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fernando Torres: Officially a blue

I've written a previous post about Nando, mentioning how I used to hate him, but since 2 of my best friends thouht he was incredibly cute and they completely adored him, it was hard for me to not do the same. So one day I was looking at videos on youtube and I came across a nike advert that Mr. Torres was in, it envolved a song made specially for him.
Here is the video for the Ad.

Soon the liverpool fan's started chanting the english version of the song at games to cheer Torres on, and it was quiet inspirational for them.
Here's another video of the fans chanting for Torres
Well as of yesterday this video was rendered completely irrelevent and pointless!
Why you ask? Well because Fernando Torres is no longer liverpool's number 9, and he's definitely not a red anymore!
Now he is opting a different color that according to my friend suits his skin tone and freckles much more than the red did!
As of yesterday Fernando Torres is officially a Blue!
Torres's transfer to chelsea was finalized yesterday, and I couldn't be happier.
Luis Suarez on the other hand joined liverpool
so while I was looking for the video today to post it on my blog, I read a comment posted by a liverpool fan, this is what it said:
His armband proved he was a red
Suarez Suarez
You'll never walk alone it said
Suarez Suarez
He Bought the band from a lad from Spain
Tall, Blonde hair, I've forgotten his name
Luis Suarez, Liverpool's number 9
Catchy no?
Well I understand that the liverpool fans feel like Torres has betrayed them, but frankly I don't give a damn!
So here's a little word for liverpool fans:
Dear Liverpool fans
Yes Fernando Torres left you to join Chelsea after saying multiple times in the past that he's very happy in liverpool and he's not going to leave, but you guys got Andi Caroll and Luis Suarez, so Shut the fuck up and stop whining
Sincerely, an ecstatic Chelsea fan.
And don't worry Nando I'm sure the chelsea fans will come up with a better song for you :D
So welcome aboard Fernando Torres

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