Monday, March 14, 2011

Footballers' Tweets

So I was watching Special 1 TV the other, which is like the best online series about football, well no shit since it's hosted by none other than the special one himself, Jose Mourinho, along with the Wayne Rooney, and previously Sven. But recently Sven was sacked, and temporarily replaced by Fabio "Cabbage" Capello, and his segment on the show is called "Footballers' Tweets". But just like South Africa, this was also a complete fail, thanks to the Cabbage.
Here's a video of the episode in which the Cabbage first replaces Svenn

Well, I decided that I'm going to adopt this idea on my blog, but unlike Capello, I'm going to make it work.
It's simple I have to find cute, witty, sarcastic, or funny footballers' tweets and post them.
But sometimes footballers can be rather dull, so we just have to be patient and wait for the oppurtune moment to strike.
Yes I know that made no sense, but whatever.
So here are the tweets I chose for this week, they're not out of this world amazing, but they're good enough.
The tweets are courtesy of Jack Wilshere and Cesc Fabregas
Here we go:
cesc4official: @jack_wilshere loves his twitter more than his girlfriend
jack_wilshere: @cesc4official im trying to beat how many followers you have!!
cesc4official: @jack_wilshere dont be jelouse, u will get there one day son.

Well, that's it, hopefully by the time i find other tweets, Cesc would have improved his spelling, but I'm sure regardless of that we'll all still love him
Just kidding, only arsenal fans love him, and maybe Barcelona (but that's more of an unhealthy obssession than love)
That's it for now

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