Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Reasons why...

I guess it's safe to say that I pretty much despise Cristiano Ronaldo, but here are 5 reasons why I'm glad he exists:
5) Football would be so boring without his diving, whining and crying.

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4)Forget about the guy from the hangover, Ronaldo is the sole benefitor of the man purse industry.

3) Prevents skin cancer, because once people see his "healthy" skin tone/color they try to avoid the sun at all costs

2) Decreasing the rate of people who sleep around, because Ronnie here has probably created a strain of super mutant mixture of STDs, which is resistant and has no cure, and no one will ever find a cure for it, ever. Oh and if you're wondering what it does to you, well I don't know yet, but it's horrible, terrible, disgusting! So don't sleep around people, just say no!
1) And finally, I get to make fun of him, and it's really fun making fun of Ronaldo, and let's face it without him my blog wouldn't even exist.

So thank you Ronaldo for being alive, because I don't even know how I would possibly go through my day to day life without you there to entertain me.

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