Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glory Glory Man United

So the champions league final was tonight in Wembley, and from the title of my post you would think that manchester united won. Well no, no they didn't.
They lost, in Wembley, they fucking lost!
That's a fucking disgrace.
Anyways I made some important discoveries during this game.
First of all I thought I was neutral at the beginning of the game, and all was well, that is of course until barcelona scored, when I suddenly realized that no I am not neutral, I want man utd to win, which as a chelsea fan I was horrified to discover!
But I decided that I hate Barcelona even more than I hate man utd!
I never thought the day would come where I would willingly choose Man United over another team, but here we are.
The second discovery was that Mourinho was right! There is a UEFA/FIFA/Barcelona/UNICEF conspiracy going on
Oh and since this was Van Der Sar's last game, it would've been cool if they won and he got to lift that trophy one last time
Oh well, at least Chelsea were kicked out of the competition early and I didn't have to worry about them all night :P
(I should probably congratulate Barcelona fans but I don't want to)


  1. that's my girl goin for man utd. :):) even though we lost lol!!! now whenever chelsea plays i will cheer for you guys hehe


  2. Wow, never knew the day would come when you'd choose Manutd :o

  3. yeah yeah i know i never thought the day would come either, but it did!
    awwww thanks andi, lol why'd you comment anonymously anyways? :P
    And Rateb hopefully by next year the people behind the conspiracy will be rotting in hell (that means better luck next year in my words)

  4. Nice new layout!