Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 10 Jackasses and Idiots in football:

10)Sergio Ramos:
Customized headbands with your initials on them, really? Did your mommy stitch them on for you in case you got lost? Word for the wise Ramos: Grow a pair!

9)Landon Donovan:
imagesource He's an American pretending to understand football or should i say "soccer"

8)Craig Bellamy:
imagesource He's a mean little F***er. He freakin punched a fan.

7)Ashley Cole:
imagesource I love him and all, and he's a brilliant footballer, and i rarely(ie: never) have anything bad to say about a chelsea player, but Ashley, Cheryl is awesome and you my friend are an idiot!

6)Andrei Arshavin:
imagesource Don't be fooled by his cute elfin looks. This guy is the devil. Have you heard his views about women? Go back to the middle ages where you belong you nincompoop (& that is an actual word found in the webster dictionary).

5)Carlos Tevez:
imagesource Disgusting pig! Enough said.

4)Peter Crouch:

Who in their right mind would have a fiancee like Abbey Clancey, and cheat on her with a hooker?

3)Franck Ribery:

Underage prostitute! WTF
2)Wayne Rooney:
You just don't cheat on your wife when she's pregnant! Despicable Wayne. Plus he sucked during the world cup, so that's not helping his case

1)Cristiano Ronaldo:

He is a good for nothing, stuck up, cocky bastard, who just happens to be a manwhore

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