Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am Cristiano Ronaldo & I am Awesome

Hello, i'm back with yet another bothersome problem. So I go to this photoshoot, and they tell me that I need to share the spotlight with this woman. Can you believe it, me, Cristiano Ronaldo, share the spotlight?! How dare they contaminate my awesomeness by integrating an inferior creature into the picture? Don't these people have brains? I feel so betrayed. And to make things worse, I have this irresistable urge to shag her. I mean she's a woman! Don't they know that I have to bone every woman in my proximity? The people who are in charge of this photoshoot are stupid. Damn it, I hope I don't impregnate this one, I'm running out of places to stuff all these babies.
Well anyways, I'm going to go and tear her clothes off now.
Until next time
xoxo Diver Boy


  1. gay, tghis aint CR, u r gay, so is ur mom and cunt he uses condoms

  2. Wtf fuck u you douche don't worry he'll fuck u and ur mom and your c@&$ and he'll be so nice to not wear a condom for u

  3. lan danghalakh commentji, tgis inch esele? :P